Lincoln County Ambulance District (LCAD) hopes to get the pulse of the community with a county-wide listening tour.  In October, LCAD will gather feedback for EMS-related services with a growing population through PULSE 2020. Chief Administrator Ray Antonacci believes this process is step one of the future for LCAD.

“The message in August was clear,” Antonacci said. “Now, we need your help. Your opinion and vision for the future matter to us.”

Currently, Troy, Winfield, Elsberry, Auburn, and Hawk Point will host PULSE 2020 groups.  A third party, not employed by LCAD, will moderate the groups. Meetings are approximately one hour. Seats for each PULSE 2020 group are limited to 6-12 participants at each location. More groups and areas may be developed depending on community interest.

To sign up as a PULSE 2020 participant, please contact  Meetings will start the last week of October and run through the end of 2019. For more information, call Chief Antonacci at (636)528-8488 ext. 302.